destination services

To cater to our client’s varying needs we offer Bundled Destination services as well as Stand Alone services. You can easily connect the profile of the transferee in the picture with the offerings. Smaller programs are appropriate for the young individuals moving on their own while more comprehensive services are needed for families. When ordering a Bundled program you can lean back and we will take the assignment from A to Z. On occasion only a portion of the destination services is needed, such instances would be when a transferee needs a new home mid-assignment. We can happily meet your needs by offering Stand Alone programs as you can see below. View our films on how to choose a program that leaves you with a peace of mind.

The Smooth Landing Service is great for your young first-time assignee, short term assignees (less than 1 year) or staff on rotational programs to cover their basic needs to get up and running quickly in the office.
The Smooth Arrival Service is created primarily for couples or singles. This support service is created from years of experience of expat life. We know that excellent work builds on a rich fulfilling life.
The Easy Living Service is created primarily with families in mind. With this support service the entire stay will be easy. Great work derives from a content family and wonderful leisure time.
The VIP Living Service is created primarily for the executive with families in mind. With this comprehensive support service the entire stay will be as smooth and easy as possible. A happy family is the foundation of great work.
The Avanti Program is custom designed for the high executives that come to Sweden and want to experience it at the highest level both professionally and personally. We are here to make this an outstanding time.
The Swift Departure Assistance is composed in order to facilitate the move. The various parts are selected to smooth the process. Below you can see what we will do to ensure a swift departure.
Home-Buying Light Includes: Bank Contact for Mortgage | Introductory Advice Meeting | Property Selection | Non-Accompanied Viewings | Review Sales Contract
House Hunting Apartment / House – 1 day, incl. Lease Implementation & Inspection.
Temporary Accommodation short term – less than a year.
Corporate Serviced Apartment Booking Includes: Online Options | Confirmation | Co-ordination
School Search International / Local – per person
Settling In The Settling In Service is Tailor-made depending on the family’s needs.
Tenancy Initiation / Management – per property.
Property Management – per month and per property.
Expense Management – per month and per transferee. Available as a standalone service or may be included in the Tenancy Management Service – NIM.MERSION will pay the Bills on transferees behalf and report the costs to the transferee.
Lease Renewal Includes: Renewal of Lease | Confirmation of validity | Check of permit.