"Sweden is just an awesome place to raise children…"

Expat From Canada
High Quality Education
Public & Private Options
Affordable Learning

Families from all over the world call Sweden home, creating a vibrant expat life in both metropolitan and rural areas. As the world’s #1 best country for raising kids, parents have many options when choosing schools for their children - from Swedish public schools, to international learning institutions.

You’ll join thousands of expat parents who are overwhelmingly pleased with the Swedish education system - not only is it inexpensive, but the quality is uncompromising.

As a world leader in education, Sweden allows expat families to enroll their children for free in its exceptional public school system. Because Sweden is so deeply invested in education, children attend a mandatory in-class school of their choice until age 16 so they gain the critical knowledge and skills they need for their future. The challenging curriculums and engaging environments in the Swedish schools are optimal for your children’s growth and development.

School Is An Important Decision for Expats

Here are some helpful questions to consider when choosing a school:

  • What are the next steps from here? Will we move back home?
  • After this assignment, will there be more transfers around the globe?
  • What is the most important language for our family?
  • Can the language we speak at home be spoken anywhere?
  • What type of curriculum is most appropriate?
  • Do we need a school with locations around the world?
  • Can we afford tuition, or should we find a public school?
  • Where should we live for public school choices?

We’re here to help you answer these questions and find just the right fit for your child.