Jumpstart Your Way to Success In Sweden!

As local experts, we know what it takes to make the most of your opportunity in Sweden. We’ve helped expats for over twenty years, so we know a few things about how to succeed when relocating abroad.

NIM.MERSION's Expat Success: Professional Inspiration program is packed with valuable tips to help you do just that!

We know you want to contribute in your new position right away. We’ve been surveying expats for years, and it’s always a top concern.

Everyone involved in your transition wants you to thrive on your new team, and Nim.mersion is here to help.

Knowledge and tools: The keys to succeed in your new country

Moving across borders to a new job is a major life change. If you prepare well, it’s transforming. We all have it in us, but we need support.

That’s why we created NIM.MERSION's Expat Success: Professional Inspiration program.

The videos and worksheets in this course will help you unlock your magic potential. Here’s what we’ll cover:


Discover more about yourself and identify your goals for this transition. Learn about Sweden in a way that only Swedes can provide. As a result, you can feel confident about your decision to relocate abroad.

Here are some highlights of what we’ll cover:

Have you asked yourself all of the right questions?

A thought provoking questionnaire will help you gain insight on your readiness to move.

The pros and cons of living in Sweden. What you need to know now.

Learn about what it’s really like in the Swedish culture. Understand how to adjust to the Swedish society.

How to live and work in Sweden.

We’ll discuss everything that impacts your daily life. Whether it’s taxes, current rental levels, culture, schooling, transportation, holidays or social security - you’ll know how to prepare.


We’ll discuss the following topics:

  • A comprehensive move to Sweden checklist
  • Tips on how to stay safe
  • The unwritten rules in Sweden
  • Swedish office etiquette
  • The nuances of working in Sweden
  • Work and family life in Sweden
  • Swedish culture

Post-Move Showtime

Once you arrive, it’s showtime - it’s when you’ll be happy you prepared so well. Not only will you be managing the actual move, you’ll also face the challenges of starting a new position. Hopefully you’ll also have the help of a Relocation company along the way.

In this section, we’ll help you navigate this road. You’ll learn tips on how to quickly and successfully assimilate into your new life. We’ll cover:

  • Country wide surveys on office culture and how it impacts you
  • What your Swedish colleagues expect, but won’t tell the new talent
  • What Swedes like and dislike and how to stay in good standing in the office
  • Feedback from HR and top Swedish management on how to be successful
  • We’ll provide exercises, handouts and videos on topics such as time management, handling anxiety, staying healthy and much more.

NIM.MERSION's Expat Success: Professional Inspiration program will help you SHINE in your new job and EMBRACE your new life in Sweden!