About us

At NIM.MERSION, we come to work every day because we love helping a diverse group of people forge new paths - those from all cultures, at all ages, with different jobs. They’re on a journey across the globe into the unknown. We bridge the gap by providing Smooth Arrivals, Easy Living, and Swift Departures.

Established in 1995, NIM.MERSION is one of the most innovative relocation and immigration companies in Europe.

We exist to:
  • Efficiently respond to client needs
  • Create stress-free, productive relocation experiences while having fun along the way
  • Empower expats to succeed

With our collective expertise, we navigate housing markets, immigration agencies and global partners, while our clients enjoy seamless transitions as they transfer staff around the world.

NIM.MERSION understands the impact of change, both on individuals and organizations.

In fact, we’re in the change business.

We lead the way - helping expats succeed through our personal service and our NIM.MERSION Academy. We continually research, test, and evaluate tools and methodologies that benefit our clients.

With a pulse on the flourishing startup tech scene in Sweden, we journey with these companies into larger markets helping them reach new levels of success. At the same time, our work on Global Mobility Policies is also rewarding as we work closely with traditional industries transferring talent both to and from Sweden.